Spare parts from compressors undergoing inspection and/or maintenance don't always require complete replacement. Through rigorous inspection and testing on specialized machinery, we can often repair them and restore them to full functionality.

Replacement and Repair of Components

Replacement and Repair of Components

Rivair, as a commercial policy, offers not only component replacement but also, wherever possible, repair of the same.

In detail:

  • Repair and regeneration of pinions through chrome plating and grinding to restore original dimensions.
  • Remaking of coupling polygons through chrome plating and grinding to achieve the perfect match between pinion and impeller.
  • Re-metallization of the bullgear shaft.
  • Remaking of the diffuser intake.
  • Material buildup on the impeller fins, reconstruction to original height of the diffuser fins.
  • Rotor balancing at Rivair workshop.
  • Replacement of only one rotor component to salvage parts still in good condition.
  • Pressing, decapping, and hydrostatic testing of air coolants.
  • Sandblasting of airend + jackets and epoxy painting.

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