Spare parts

All spare parts supplied by Rivair are original and according to the manufacturer's drawings. They are always provided with the manufacturer's part numbers. The spare parts come from the same suppliers as the manufacturer.
Rivair's stock includes numerous spare parts: impellers, diffusers, bullgears, pinions, both new and used, completely refurbished to zero hours of work. Diffusers are made of stainless steel or aluminum according to the customer's needs and the environment in which the compressor operates, to combat moisture and preserve/prolong its lifespan.
Through the process of "Reverse Engineering" and utilizing 5-axis machinery, we provide new impellers, new pinions, new bullgears, etc., quickly and at competitive prices.

Maintenance, Overhaul, and Replacement of Motors

Maintenance, Overhaul, and Replacement of Motors

The electric motors of compressors are treated like the compressors themselves: we handle their maintenance, overhaul, or replacement with new ones.

  • Supply of oil from synthetic techtrolgold to TurboBlend mineral oil
  • New XE and Maestro Universal panels complete with card + display and programming as per unit serial number
  • Air coolants strictly in steel and copper
  • Bearings, seals necessary for complete overhauls
  • Motors
  • Valves, pumps, condensate drains
  • Ready-to-use complete AIREND units
  • Centrifugal compressors complete with base, airend, motor, panel, and coolants ready for use

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