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Spare parts from serviced compressors don't always need complete replacement. Rigorous checks and specialized testing allow for repairs, restoring functionality.

Spare parts

Spare parts

Full supply of all spare parts necessary for the Centac, TA, MSG centrifugal compressor.



Rivair commits to intervene worldwide within 24/48 hours from the call.

Critical spare parts for high-speed machinery like centrifugal compressors. Quality is essential for optimal performance and productivity.

Flat bearings

Components that support rotary motion inside machinery, ensuring smooth rotation.

Thrust bearings

Bearings designed to support axial loads, ensuring stability and resistance.


Components that prevent the leakage of fluids or air from machinery, ensuring efficiency and safety.


Rotating parts that transfer energy from the motor to the compressed air, essential for generating pressure.


Toothed components that transmit rotary motion, used in power transmission within machinery.


Devices that connect two rotating shafts, allowing the transmission of motion without energy loss.

Air and oil coolers

Cooling systems that maintain the optimal temperature of working fluids, protecting components from overheating.

Gasket kits and O-Ring kits

Sets of components used to seal joints and connections, preventing leaks and ensuring system integrity.

Condensate drains - Drain All

Devices that remove condensed water from compressed air systems, preventing damage and efficiency loss.

Synthetic and mineral oils

Lubricants used to reduce friction and wear inside machinery, ensuring optimal operation.

New CMC/XE and Maestro Universal panels

Spare parts for advanced control and monitoring systems, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility with various models of machinery.